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Stock Equipment Company, Forry (Solvera) environmental controls and Stock Fairfield Corporation are part of the Schenck Process Group. Stock Equipment is a maker of gravimetric & volumetric feeders, weigh scales and valves for the power industry. Forry manufactures electrostatic precipitator (electrofilter) control solutions including automatic voltage controls, rapper controls and TR sets (transformer rectifiers. Stock Fairfield builds material handling solutions for the power, steel, glass and agricultural applications. Stock Fairfield products include drag chain conveyors, belt conveyors, stacker reclaimers and ship and rail unloaders.

Business Information

January 2014 
Schenck Process has acquired all assets in two Norwegian companies.
Schenck Process has acquired all assets in the Norwegian companies Applied Plasma Physics AS and APP ModuPower AS. [...more]
May 2013 
Injection Blow-Through Rotary Valves for Alternative Fuels
High availability, low wear: Schenck Process broadens its portfolio of injection blow-through rotary valves for alternative fuels [...more]
April 2013 
Schenck Process Opens New Manufacturing Facility in India
Inauguration of new manufacturing facility in India. [...more]
October 2012 
Stock Equipment Company Is Awarded Significant Environmental Contract
Stock Equipment Company has been awarded a contract by First Energy Corp. to supply 88 ModuPower™ Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) units for three coal fired power boilers in West Virginia. [...more]

New Documents

Vertical gearbox replacement made easier with Stock Equipment. []
Gearbox Replacements Kits are now inventoried and available for immediate shipment. []
Keep your feeder safe and reliable while complying with NFPA code. []
Stock Equipment Company provides an on-site, training session for feeder system owners. Training details the importance of accuracy, maintenance, inspection and parts as well as a forum to discuss feeder issues. []
The latest in accurate and reliable weigh feeding technology. []
DISOCONT® Tersus (DT-9) Legacy Feeder Control []

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